Hongqiao Wenbohui

Are you searching an opportunity to maximize the presence of your company in China?

Take part immediately in Hongqiao Wenbohui, an exhibition fair in Hongqiao Station organized by our partner  Shanghai Zhuanghui Industrial Co.,Ltd  in collaboration with China Railway.

The location of the event is the Hongqiao Station, one of the largest stations in the world, crossed by more than 500,000 people every day. The event will take place on the second floor of the departures, that is a strategic area where are localized fast food and restaurants of famous international and Chinese brands, attracting a lot of people.

The exhibition stands are 21 in total and are 9 square meters large. They are divided into internal stands and external stands:

  • The basic rent fee for the internal stand is RMB 5,000. The rental deposit is RMB 50,000. The rant is paid in the form of sales commission equal to 45% of the pre-tax sales amount.

  • The external stands are visible from the first floor of departuresThe basic rent fee for this stand is RMB 25,000. The rent is paid in the form of sales commission equal to 40% of the pre-tax sales amount. The rent deposit is RMB 25,000.

According to the contract, the Hongqiao Wenbohui rental venue is based on the principle of “paid first, served first”. If two or more exhibitors choose a booth in the same position, it will give priority to the first exhibitor who pay deposit.

It should have legal business qualifications and operate in accordance with the licenses approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce, and provide relevant materials such as product inspection reports or product quality inspection certificates.

All the terms of the contract are present in the file below.

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