This historic home on the hills of Lucca is perfectly preserved. It was built in the 1600, enhanced by frescoes in the Baroque style, this house lived its maximum splendor in the 1800.

According to the chronicles of the eighteenth century, the villa was designed by a French architect in the seventeenth century and it was inherited by nobles from Lucca until Eighteenth century. Spread over an area of ​​2,400 m², the house is built on three floors, for a total of 23 bedrooms, 8 service rooms for guests, spacious lounges and outdoor terraces.The basement leads to a spacious cellar dug into the tufa, with century-old oak. The villa is surrounded by a park that stretches for 16,000 m², linked by monumental road of access which is still intact, in addition to the vineyards and the immense olive grove.

The villa includes a large park with centuries-old trees, large lawns, including a lawn.The villa inside includes some apartments perfectly preserved in their former glory, and has recently undergone some maintainance work. Today it is used for receptions, ceremonies and tourist accommodation business.

Value: € 18 MILLION (negotiation in progress for € 15 MILLION)



by Horizon Solutions Consultants 

LONDON 63/66 Hatton Garden  

SHANGHAI CaoBao Rd 80, Rm 2505

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